Hello! I am  Zephyr Rodrigues. Welcome to my site. About my professional background, I worked  in the IT Support and IT Training industry for the past 16 years.  I have a HND in Computing a Information Technology and am a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. On the IT side of things , I have decided  to confine  myself to a bit of Web Development, mainly PHP in WordPress.

I  finished a BSc degree with Open University in 2014 which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed.  My areas of study at Level 3 modules  were  Liguistics,  Oceanography and Renewable Energy which I took in my final year.

In addition I also hold a TEFL Certificate which has enabled me to teach English as a foreign language which I really enjoy.  However I am no longer pursuing this line of work.

At this point in time I am focusing my energies mainly into sustainable agriculture practices and the exploration and exploitation of renewable forms of energy.

One of my hobbies is sailing¬† boats hence the category in my blog. I confess, I haven’t been sailing for a long time.

My contact details are as follows.

Email: enquiries@bright-work.co.uk


Thank you for reading!

Primary language: English

Limited content support: Portuguese

Historic content support: Russian

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