Exercise with tenses – answers

1.John has always travelled Tense? present perfect a lot. In fact, when he was Tense? simple past only two years old when he first flew Tense?
past simple to the US. His mother is Tense? simple present Italian and his father is Tense? simple present American. John was born Tense? simple past in France, but his parents had met Tense? past perfect_ in Cologne, Germany after they had been living Tense? past perfect continuous_ there for five years. They met Tense? simple past_ one day while John’s father was reading Tense? _past continuous a book in the library and his mother sat down Tense? simple past beside him. Anyway, John travels Tense? simple present a lot because his parents also travel Tense? simple present a lot.

2.As a matter of fact, John is visiting Tense?_present continuous his parents in France at the moment. He lives Tense? simple present_ in New York now, but has been visiting Tense? present perfect continuous_his parents for the past few weeks. He really enjoys Tense? simple present living in New York, but he also loves Tense? simple present_ coming to visit his parents at least once a year.