Exploration of the Robin Hood Theme.

Robin Hood

Never heard of him? You can find a short version of Robin Hood here.


1. Discuss the difference between rob and steal.

2. Fill in the gaps below with the correct forms of ‘rob’ and ‘steal’.

a) Robin Hood _________ the rich and gave to the poor.
b) Robin Hood _________ money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

3) Match the following words associated with Robin Hood with their partners below.

1. Merry                      a) John
2. Sherwood                b) Marion
3. Friar                        c) John
4. Maid                       d) the Lionheart
5. The Sheriff              e) Forest
6. King Richard           f) of Nottingham
7. Prince                     g) Men
8. Little                       h) Tuck

4) Activity 4

Match the following words and phrases with the correct definitions below.

1) Hood        a) Drooping or heavy eyelids.
2) Hood¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†b) A young girl who is eaten by a wolf in a children’s fairytale.
3) Hood        c) Part of a coat or top which covers the head.
4) Hooded     d) A gangster (US english).
5) Hoodie     e) The part of a car which covers the engine.
6)Little Red Riding Hood    f) A potentially dangerous young person who wears a hood to their head to avoid recognition.

5) Activity 5

The following are topics for discussion during the 1-to-1 introductory trail.

1 ) How much do you know about Robin Hood?

2 ) Was Robin Hood a villain or a hero?

3 ) It is said Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor – can the end be said to justify the means.

4 ) Do you give money to beggars? Why/Why not?

5 ) If you won the lottery would you give any of your winnings to charity? If yes, which charities would you give them to?

6 ) Do you think the super rich should be allowed to leave all their wealth to their

children? Discuss the implications on society of this.
7 ) What material things/amount of money do you think you need to be happy?

8 ) Are wealth and success one and the same?