External Filter pumps and the economy.

One of the reasons that the German economy is doing well and is inherently sound is because they are actually make things that we need -  from electric toothbrushes to aquarium filter systems. I bought a Eheim Classic 250 canister extermal filter to replace the original french Fluval 230 canister filter.

My Fluval became terminally noisy after 3 years. Replacing the impeller unit only solved the problem for about year before it finally completely packed up.

Eheim make really good pumps and filters at very reasonable prices. They are cheaper than the Chinese made units they try to flog you at aquatic stores in the UK. It's very sad, just to increase profit margins retailers here don't support UK manufacturing or even european manufactured goods. Remember that when you buy Chinese goods the gold is effectively leaving the country. I am not saying don't by Chinese goods per se, but we should first check if there is an alternative. Eheim provides real alternatives,  Eheim pumps and filters are very competitively priced and I wager, longer lasting than the Chinese equivalents. Fluval are manufacturing most of their stuff in China now.. .

You can buy Eheim pumps and filters from AquacaDabra , a good British company run by two sterling gents in Bexleyheath.  Don't go to Ebay, as Ebay adds it's own commission on top. Go to AquacaDabra directly where you can order online.

Here is a recent pic of my aquarium.  Angel is a bit lonely after the Slender Australian Rainbow fish - Randy,  passed away. He was a lively character. I had him for 7 odd years.