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Robin Hood


The Story of Robin Hood.

Who was Robin Hood?  Some say he was a simple peasant who due to the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the nobles in charge fled into the woods and  lived the life of an out-law there. Other tales say that Robin Hood was the nobleman , Sir Richard of Loxley who upon returning to England from the crusades found his lands confiscated and the peasants being treated unjustly by the Sheriff of Nottingham and the nobles while Prince John sat on the throne.  Prince John was looking after England while his brother King Richard was away.

Guy of Gisbourne was a noble who treated the peasants particularly harshly by increasing their taxes and severely punishing those who could not pay.  All with the blessing of the sheriff.

Fleeing from arrest, Robin went into hiding in the forest where he encountered a band of outlaws under the leadership of little John who was anything but little in size. Robin Hood challenged Little John to a duel with poles in the middle of the a crossing point of a river. The men fought whilst keeping their balance on the slippery rocks. After exchanging many a blow and deft footwork, Robin managed to knock Little John off his stepping stone and into the river. This won him the respect of this band of outlaws who invited Robin Hood to join them.

Robin's leadership skills soon became apparently and he was asked by the men to lead them. Robin organised them into a effective force complete with their legendary green livery. Soon no nobleman was safe passing through Sherwood forest. Robin Hood gave the wealth he and his men got from these noblemen and merchants to the peasants in the surrounding villages. This made him very popular with the peasants and a very wanted man by the sheriff. As Robin's popularity grew so did the size of his band of followers as more men and women came  to join him.

Robin Hood asked the peasants not to lose hope and promised that justice would return to the land once King Richard returned.

One day Robin captured a friar ,who was rather plump and very fond of food and wine.  Robin was
incensed at the greed of the fellow and made the friar him carry him on his
back. This friar was  Friar Tuck. After being kept by the outlaws to
say Sunday Mass and help with other spiritual matters, Friar Tuck decided to join them and became a very valued member of the band of merry men.

That just leaves Maid Marion. Marion was a noble woman who was promised to be
wedded to Sir Guy of Gisbourne. Yes, that wicked nobleman. Luckily for her she
and her entourage were attacked and robbed as they passed through the forest
by Robin and his men. Maid Marion was kept a captive by Robin for a short while. Love blossomed between the two of them. Robin let Marion return to Nottingham where she managed to evade the attentions of Sir Guy until King Richard returned to England, punished the Sheriff and pardoned all the outlaws.

Marion and Robin then wed and lived happily ever after.  🙂

Problem installing Macromedia Flash Player

I had a problem installing Macromedia Flash Play v10 in a Windows XP environment. The problem was that Macromedia Flash installed appeared to lack the permissions to install a certain file even though I was logged on an administrator. After a frustrating week I finally worked out what it was. 🙂

My problem turned out to be my McAfee Antivirus. Turning off ' ON Access Scan At Start-up'  allowed me to install the flash player. Remember to turn it back on post installation.

Another thing work checking are the permissions in the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

Good luck!

Defrag your Harddisk to maintain the perform of Windows XP.

It's a good idea to periodically defrag your harddisk in Windows XP. This will increase the performance of the orperating system.

To run the Defrag utility go Start-> All Programs ->Acessories -> Systems Tools -> Disk Defragmenter.

Note: To speed up a defrag operation  restart the system before you launch the Defragmenter application. This allows the operating system to clear out the swap/paging file and  focus strictly on defragmenting  the necessary data on the hard disk without having to stop and manage a huge swap file.

More advanced users can configure the defrag operation to occur immediately at startup. You can do so easily with a simple registry edit.

Note: Editing the Windows Registry is not without risk. Please  back up your Windows Registry before you do any editing.

Follow these steps to start a defrag operation immediately upon startup:
* Launch the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
* Go to:

* Right-click the RunOnce subkey and select New | String Value.
* Name the value Defrag and press [Enter] twice.
* Type Defrag.exe c: /f in the Value Data text box and click OK.
* Close the Registry Editor and restart Windows.

The defrag operation will begin when you type your password and press [Enter]. (Values added to the RunOnce key are removed immediately after the command has been run.)