Hello! I am  Zephyr Rodrigues. Welcome to my site. About my professional background, I worked  in the IT Support and IT Training industry for the past 16 years.  I have a HND in Computing a Information Technology and am a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. On the IT side of things , I have decided  to confine  myself to a bit of Web Development, mainly PHP in WordPress.

I  finished a BSc degree with Open University in 2014 which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed.  My areas of study at Level 3 modules  were  Linguistics,  Oceanography and Renewable Energy which I took in my final year.

In addition I also hold a TEFL Certificate which has enabled me to teach English as a foreign language which I really enjoy.  However I am no longer pursuing this line of work.

At this point in time I am focusing my energies mainly into sustainable agriculture practices and the exploration and exploitation of renewable forms of energy.

One of my hobbies is sailing  boats hence the category in my blog. I confess, I haven't been sailing for a long time.

My contact details are as follows.

Email: dev1@bright-work.co.uk

Thank you for reading!

Primary language: English

Limited content support: Portuguese

Historic content support: Russian

Jéssica Riço, Algarve, Portugal, Influencer

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