Estava ao Norte! – I was North!

capela da Nossa Senhora de Socorro

capela da Nossa Senhora de Socorro



DSC_0129September was simply fantastic in that I had the chance to visit my dear friend Jorge Morais and his parents in the town of Albergaria a Velha, in the north of Portugal.



While up there, I gave Jorge a hand in what little way I could, He is renovating a ruin in a semi abandoned village which he hopes one day will be a meditation centre. Jorge is also in the centre of a reforestation project up there. The project involves creating a corridor of native trees such as oak through an area dominated by monoculture of eucalyptus trees grown for paper pulp. Senhor and Senhora Morais were impeccable hosts.


Senhora Morais is a fantastic cook and made an huge array of desserts during my week long stay. A new dessert almost every day. I am sure this is what made me gain a couple of kilos. Jorge was kind enough to take me to meet his friends friends2 friends1whist I was up there. It was really great meeting all these very friendly people.

Thanks to Jorge I was lucky enough to visit Figuiera da Foz, Aveiro and the historical university town of Coimbra.











Weather wise,  it's significantly fresher up north than in the Algarve, hence greener too.


Back on the home front things progressed a bit slow. Still no running hot water so I have have to boil water in a pot for bath. I am also still waiting for a quote for the kitchen units. Outside things are growing. Lots of lettuce and cabbages. The odd melon and pumpkin. The cherry tomatoes have fizzled out but I am getting a few plum tomatoes “Alex” variety still coming through. The bougainvillea given to me by Vitor, of Viverplanta is doing really well. This ruellia was given to me by my swedish neighbour has really taken off and is growing well. I get immense pleasure seeing the vivid purply-blue flowers daily. When up north we visited Claudia, who generously gave me this pear melon plant amongst so many other gifts.

pera melão, pear melon

Pear Melon / Pera Melão

I am really pleased that it is growing well!




Senhor Morais was kind enough to give me a variety of portuguese basil, called Manjaricão and Peppermint (Vietnam Horta) Both are growing well.

Manjaricão / Portuguese Basil

Manjaricão / Portuguese Basil










I am also pleased that the lemon grass given to me my a kind lady by the name of Beverley, from the local gardening club is doing really well and can soon be divided. lemon grass

The work on the earth bag chicken house has been slow. But I did start laying the roof rafters today for a reciprocal roof.

earth bag build chicken house

earth bag build

My excuse is that I have been working part-time with Vitor :). That' s about all for September.




In Aveiro