Stuff made in Britain


I have decided to compose a list of companies which actually make stuff here in the UK to help raise the profile of British manufacturers. My aim is to get people to think more about supporting local home grown businesses which are creating real sustainable jobs in the UK. I think  buying things manufactured in the UK will also help reduce the throw away culture we have become accustomed to in the last couple of decades.  Buying a slightly more expensive quality garment and wearing it for several years will hopefully become fashionable again. I'll add to it in a couple of weeks.


Jewellery and Accessories


fine jewellery and artwork saleVicky Davies

All her work is made in the UK and Vicky feels passionate about

supporting local industries.  Visit fine art and jewellery saleVicky Davies to see her latest collections and a list of stockists where you can purchase her delightful jewellery.

Cabinet  fine jewellery for salefine jewellery and artwork for sale

Zara and Gemma of Cabinet make beautiful jewellery, little pieces of luxury with intrinsic value as they so aptly put it. You can view samples of their work here as well as find out where to buy.

Matilda and Quinn fine jewellery and artwork for sale

– have a fine selection of British made jewellery too.


Lingerie and Luxuries


Kinky Knickers beautiful lingerie and clothing for sale

Kinky Knickers by Mary Portas. Working tirelessly for British industry, Mary Portas  has launched her fabulous range of laced knickers.  beautiful lingerie, clothing for sale

Visit the Liberty Store to view her creations which are elegant with a dash of sauciness.


Heyland & Whittle scents, fragrances and skincare products for sale

A husband and wife team who creating a range of wonderful summery fragrances, soaps and other such luxuries all made to evoke the glory of a hot English summer's day in your person and home. Visit their website or find them at John Lewis and other stockists.


ILA luxury skin care and spa products for sale

ILA are a UK manufacturer who create Luxury Organic Skincare, spa products and treatments using ingredients sources form remote untainted regions of the globe.




Happy Sofa sofas for sale, fabric sofa, leather sofa

Happy Sofa are a local manufacturer of quality sofas based in London . Their mission is quite simply - to make the living spaces of Britain happier places!


Villager Stoves villager stoves, wood burners and multi fuel stoves for sale

British built stoves, keeping the nation warm. I can't recommend them highly enough as I have one of their double door multi-fuel stoves. It has being going for years and the front glass stays very clean using their excellent air wash design. Excellent quality – if you are thinking of getting a stove, get a Villager!


Lumley Designs lumley designs ironwork, cast iron and wrought ironwork for sale

Lumley Designs is a family run business established in 1998 specializing in stunning authentic best of British designs to suit everyone's requirements. Headed by designer and founder Robin Lumley, they create stunning designs in ironwork.


John Lewis  Cutlery for sale

John Lewis are doing a range of British made products. They do fitted kitchens, sofas and beds, office furniture, Arthur Price cutlery, lampshades and more.




Dr Martens 

shoes for sale, Doc Martens shoes for sale

Aka Doc Martens are doing a certain number of shoes and boots manufactured in the UK including the very elegant looking Steed Shoe.


New Balance new balance UK range of shoes for sale

New Balance are doing a UK manufactured range of sports shoes in their UK Collections. Check their website for a list of stockists or to order online.




Turtle Doves turtle doves hand warmers and other fashionable knitware for sale

Kate, founder of Turtles doves is recycling old jumpers and other unwanted clothing to make turtle doves, scarves, blankets, shawls and much more. They also give old jumpers a new lease of life where possible. I am sure her store will grow in appeal to those of us who are keen or recycling and who want to reduce our environmental footprint whilst wearing something stylish at the same time.


Matilda and Quinn matilda and quinn apparel, dresses, skirts, jackets  for sale

They produce all their work in England supporting British craftsmanship. Visit their apparel boutique to see and by their elegant range of women's clothes. They manufacture some wonderful jewellery and accessories too.


Private White V.C – Mens Clothings private white vc designer mens clothing for sale

Inspired by clothing worn by Private White V.C this Manchester based manufacturer

produces a range of quality men's clothing.